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My name is Christophe De Vos.

In 2011 I moved to Gothenburg with my family. My wife works for Volvo Cars and was sent to Sweden as an expat.

After three years as an expat, we decided to stay local contract in Sweden.

I've always been an entrepreneur, a delicatessen, a liquor store and a graphic design agency are things I've been involved with in the past.

In Sweden I'm still graphic designer but I started brewing beer as a hobby. Typical Belgian beers, from ancient recipes. Little adapted to get the perfect balance / taste.

Because I liked it so well and the reaction of friends and acquaintances were so enthusiastic, I decided to brew my beer on a larger scale so that everyone can enjoy.

Since April 2019 I became a partner in Två Feta Grisar. My beers are brewed in our brewery at Ringögatan 10, 417 07 Göteborg on Hissingen.

You can always send me an email with what you think of my beer.



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